Shakin’ Street announces January 2019 Tour dates for France and NYC

shakin street 2019.jpg

Shakin’ Street will do 11 live dates in France and NYC in mid-January 2019 as a French-American Supergroup.

“Fabs and I were talking about it for along time and I said to her we’re good friends with Nono from Trust so lets do some dates in France where the band is best known of course!“ - Ross The Boss

This lineup features Fabienne Shine, Norbert Nono Krief (Trust) and NYC musicians Ross The Boss, Freddie Katz, and Dean Rispler & JP Thunderbolt Patterson of The Dictators NYC. came together as a result of long time friendships.

“Fabienne loves The Dictators and she said Dean and J.P. and you are the greatest so why not?” - Ross The Boss

Check the tour dates page for the full list of upcoming shows.

From Fabienne Shine’s facebook:

Yay it's gone 😁
After + 1 MONTHS 'work :-P', with Fabienne Shine <3 <3 <3
As Co-tour manager with Laurent Sage <3
I am + proud to announce to the whole earth,
So to you in 1St :-P forward first :-O
The Magic Tour France 2019 of shakin street <3 <3 <3
With attention the eyes :-O Norbert Krief <3
Our Nono of trust and johnny hallyday :-O
You R 'found' Ras This Poster in the next rock & folk <3
In the southwest or in the center of other dates are coming :-D
Places aren't on sale yet,
Facebouc vents are not yet created,
Plz, let us blow :-P

Again thanks to Pierre Terrasson <3 <3 <3 For Paris the idea :-D
1000 thanks to Norbert Krief <3 <3 <3 for the idea of the tour :-D
Thanks also to the people who helped me and / or will participate,
In the mess the + complete I full rai 😁 Alicia FiorucciRamona Zazimut and Phil, Francoise MongibelloTallulah & Kress from belphégorz, Helene Nihouarn & JoséLeroy de concarneau, Georges Bodossian from ocean, Thierry Wolf from rolling bidochons and Fgl Productions, Titio Nico from the little bath, Alain from Eddy ClaybardThierry Saltet from stalingrad, Bruno from mondo bizzaro, Chris Du Cherrydon, Phil MarieDums DumartinFabien ThouveninAlain MénissierRoland HermitteJulien DelégliseSilvère VincentStef RebNoel Alberola, diabolo Diabolux, Freddie KatzJ.p. Thunderbolt PattersonDean Rispler, and Mar Todanifor a surprise and intimate date, secret so far :-O
Announced in public by Fabienne Shine at the little bath right after the concert 😁

Others that I don't have time to write, but especially to the man who gave the name to shakin street: Marc Zermati <3 <3 <3

A + for the sequel ;-) bises 😘
PS: good go, I get in cat too 😽
PS 2: to share, thank you too 😊