The Dictators officially break up. ๐Ÿ’”


From Handsome Dick Manitoba's facebook:

"Dear fans and friends of the DICTATORS, the DICTATORS NYC, and MANITOBA NYC,
You have been amazing, loving, devoted, fun, and supportive fans that have been there for us over the years...
And to those who consider that this WAS, THE DICTATORS ...we have some sad news, at least for the moment... the band in this incarnation is breaking up...people are getting involved in different least for now and maybe for good
The name changes were a strange situation that we HAD to deal with (READ BETWEEN THE LINES)

Admittedly, changing your band name often is not a good idea

Back to you,

the fans !!! Whether we played to 50 people or 1000 people
every single fan that came seemed to have a great & enjoyable time, and was very appreciative that we came to your town and busted our asses to entertain you
We all donโ€™t know what the future will bring ... but for now, this is the way it will be The good news?..... The great DICTATORS and MANOWAR founder and lead guitarist, Ross โ€œThe Bossโ€, is busy traveling the world with his band: Ross โ€œThe Bossโ€ absolute top of the food chain metal band
Handsome Dick Manitoba, lead singer of THE DICTATORS since the beginning, has put together a slew of NEW songs and has made his first solo album wonโ€™t be out for a little while... at the moment the working title of the album is โ€œBorn In The Bronxโ€...the band will simply be called โ€œHANDSOME DICK MANITOBA and the SOUL PUNK KINGS.... we will let our friends know online, whatโ€™s going the moment I have my HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA - Facebook can always check Rossโ€™ stuff out on the internet as well... AND THE BOSS is busy working on a great new record ...
Again, we love you from the bottom of our hearts
We thank each and everyone of for your support
and we will see you again ...for sure we WILL see you one way, shape, form or another..WEโ€™LL be back!.... until the day we canโ€™t do it.

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