"You never know who your talking to !!!"

Imagine Ross The Boss' surprise when he found out that a guy he was talking to at the Speedfest Festival last weekend put their conversation in a Dutch Newspaper. It was the last show of The Dictators NYC 12 city European tour, which landed them in Paris just four days after the terrorist attacks.

Ross posted this on his facebook the day before he played Paris, "Tomorrow will be the most emotional show I have ever played in recent memory when we go to Paris , I lived there back in the day and I love her . The Dictators NYC will play Wednesday nite . I know we had to move to to smaller venue because there was nothing available but to us Wednesday nite it will be the biggest arena we ever played. I will give every ounce of RnR energy I have in me . Vive Le France ."

'Ross 'The Boss' Friedman, guitar player of the New York Punkband The dictators, is standing near the Speedfest artist entrance and he has a message for you. He just arrived from Paris where his band played as one of the first rockbands after the attacks. 'We were supposed to play on Tuesday in a venue but they were afraid, called us and cancelled the show. We did not accept that. We said that these guys should never win and they will if the show was cancelled. All those rockbands that cancelled their tours? Well, fuck em, that's how you let them win. We looked for another club and we found a venue brave enough to organize the show. We played in La Méchanique Ondulaire for 150 persons. Of course, we cried, all of us, but it was the biggest and most beautiful show we played in 40 years.' Friedman is a tough guy, the indestructable metalhead, a 61 year old kid. 'They say the Bataclan was attacked because the owner is Jewish. But I tell you one thing, We Jews are used to tough situations and these terrorists are fucking with the wrong guys. I have a message for them: We're gonna win!'" - via Gerry Berthauer