Death Dealer began as an online collaboration between Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden) and Sean Peck (Cage). All they needed to tell Ross about the project to get him on board was that Rhino was on drums.

Although Ross and Rhino are both former members of Manowar, they'd only ever played together for one song at the Earthshaker Festival in 2005. They both had always meant to do something together. Ross jumped at the opportunity.

Working over the internet trading files back and forth, these talented men were each able to finely craft their individual parts and bring them all together to create a Metal Supergroup that they just knew must become a live band.

In June 2013, They released a full-length studio album called "War Master".


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"From the opening seconds of putting on ‘Warmaster’, this assault and onslaught of Metal has me intrigued, intrigued meaning excited and eager to hear what this new band is all about. This opening track, aptly named after the band that plays it ‘Death Dealer’, is fast, furious and to me takes shades of every metal band that paved the way for this sound, those being Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and well you get the gist…"

- Troy Culpin, May The Rock Be With You


The band made the jump from online project to live band when they played a few shows in California and Mexico.


"After several marathon rehearsals, the trip went pool side for some insane writing sessions, then out to Ramona for the debut show, down to see the rabid metal city that is Mexicali, Mexico and 118 degree heat, and then to Holtville, CA. where the Beer and the BBQ were fantastic.  (The band jammed NIB from BLACK SABBATH that night too!).  The trip ended up with the band saying farewell to each other sitting in a booth at the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood after a blistering show at the Roxy with White Wizzard, all kinds of metal celebs and dignitaries who were in attendance.  All in all it was a perfectly executed plan..." 

- Stu Marshall


Although Rhino is no longer in Death Dealer, he is friendly with all the guys including his replacement Steve Bolognese (Into Eternity) and they all toured together on the 2014 Metal All Stars tour.

The band released their second album called "Hallowed Ground" on October 2, 2015 to rave reviews and continued touring. They are currently writing their third album.


Visit the Death Dealer facebook page for more about this band.